Polyjet enable the cost-effective, fast and
extremely accurate production of models,which
can be used as a master pattern for creating
functional prototypes and low volume
production components using Silicone vacuum
mehtodology. Built directly from 3D CAD data,
they negate the need for conventional tooling.
Offering a wide range materials together with
some of the RP technologies. We can supply parts
in just a matter of hrs or a day, giving you ..
Ren Technologies India Ltd is a market leader in Rapid Product Development providing Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Manufacturing  services to a diverse range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace,
Dental, Medical, Architectural, White Goods, Marine, Defence and FMCG.

With the worl's Advanced  prototyping facility, we are now leading the way in the supply of Plastic Prototype
for new product design and development using state of the art Vacuum technology from MK Germany. beside
that we also expertise in metal parts using lost wax process or Lost RP process in Steel /Aluminium
throughout. Engineers, Architects and Designers are using these technologies to revolutionise the speed at
which products can be brought to market. And with new opportunities for low volume production, Rapid
Manufacturing is becoming a reality for many.
Ren Technologies India Ltd.
Commitment is our quality
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